Making quality custom software development accessible.

Custom software development can seem expensive and out-of-reach whether you are just starting out, growing your business, or have an established business. To combat this issue, we found a way to make software development accessible to everyone.

About Us

ClikGlobal was built on the idea that every company deserves simple access to great technology. We are a US based company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, although our business relations are spread throughout the world. We have found that global partnerships allow us to multiply on our ideas, intelligence, and customer experience. Together, we are able to offer affordable software and web services to a larger number of people. We now have the ability to reach customers worldwide and provide them with an experience that keeps them coming back. We work together towards a common goal: giving the most to you.

ClikGlobal is one of our most exciting ventures of Clik Technology, Inc. ClikTech has been raising the bar on cloud based technologies for over a decade. We have created highly successful enterprise systems that help people better their online businesses. From operational software to advanced eCommerce integrations and specialized membership subscription systems, our clients have seen phenomenal results.

No matter the size of your project, we can handle it! We'd love to hear more about your unique idea. Drop us a line today.

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