Female Offshore Software Developer

At ClikGlobal, we value our social responsibility and impact the world. Our initiatives contribute both economically and socially in countries that have struggled to support their economy.

Pushing the edge of digital and international relationships.

A system like ours has never implemented done before and is pushing the edge of how the world thinks of digital advancement and international relationships. By training our international developers to follow our highly efficient US process, we creates vast opportunities for not only our clients but those joining the technical fields overseas.

Restoring economies by employing tech-driven men and women.

In a world where over 200 million people are unemployed, we target regions whose economies have been aggravated from many years of conflict and are in a significant need of repair. We supply US quality technical training for those interested in the ever-expanding digital field. Those that have the drive to learn this highly-demanded skill-set are offered internship and employment opportunities with our company. 

We work to break social stigmas in countries where formal education has been difficult for women to obtain. We have opened our doors to providing advanced training and sustainable living wages for any and all women interested in learning and becoming employed in technology fields. 

Our Partners

ClikGlobal’s Offshore Software Development Team

We have been privileged to work with PomTech ICT Solutions, a growing development business in Afghanistan. They care about their work and value results. PomTech is dedicated in providing high-tech jobs and services to men and women in their region. Our partnership fosters the employment of these men and women through a long-term business relationship where we equally benefit each other. Together, we work to put quality first.

Reduce your digital costs. Join a movement. 

When you partner with us, you not only dramatically reduce your digital costs for quality software development, you join a growing movement. Help expand your digital results and the employment of men and women in Afghanistan today.

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