Offering reasonably priced software development.

Thanks to our blended team, we’re able to do just that. As every project is unique, it’s difficult to put a price tag on a project before discussing it, but we’re happy to provide you with our hourly rates and general project price range.

Two Unique Contract Options

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Because we understand that every organization has its own unique set of needs and circumstances, we offer hourly and fixed bid contracts. That way, you can choose the contract type that works best for you.

  • Hourly contracts (or time-and-materials contracts) allow us to bill you for the hours that we work on your project and is often the best fit for long-term projects with a growing vision.

  • Fixed bid contracts require us to provide you with an upfront cost for the project. This contract type is typically most suited to short-term projects with a set vision and budget.

Our Affordable Rates

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Our rates are only one aspect of the overall cost of your project. Other factors that can influence cost may include your team blend (whether you choose a US senior developer or international senior developer) to the complexity and size of your project.

With this in mind, our rates are as follows:

  • Our US project manager, senior international developers, and international developers cost $45-60 per hour.

  • Our senior US developers cost between $160-200 per hour.

Starting your project starts with a conversation—reach out to us today.