Our unique process gives you simple access to great technology.

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At ClikGlobal, we believe that great technology should be accessible to everyone. That is why we have designed a system that pairs efficient US processes with affordable overseas development. Our process-based development is how we provide you with competitive pricing, while still maintaining a U. level of quality in our software development.

Create your business vision with your personal project manager.

We match you with an experienced US project manager who works closely with you to bring your ideas to life. Your personal project manager is always available to you during regular US business hours to answer any questions and deliver periodic updates. They coordinate between our teams of developers every step of the way to ensure that your project’s goals and deadlines are met. 

Pairing US and international developers ensures excellence.

In addition to your personal project manager, you may choose to have either an experienced onsite US senior developer or an international senior developer monitor your project as it progresses, depending on your designated price point. Your senior developer works closely with our overseas developers to provide quality assurance. They ensure that every phase of your project meets our high standards before it gets our stamp of approval. This system of checks and balances is what keeps us giving you the best product possible, while giving you the most value for your money.  

Project Process Chart

What this means for you

  • Price points for every budget

  • US based project manager

  • Fast communication during US business hours

  • Periodic updates on your project’s progress

  • Experienced senior developer monitoring project

  • Regular quality inspections 

  • Receive a great product at an extraordinary value!

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