Partnering with the World

ClikGlobal goes beyond making quality technology affordable. We have started something completely revolutionary in the technology field. You may have come across the difficulties of working with other nations. We have worked to eliminate these barriers, so that you can focus on what really matters, your business. 

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We take pride in the global partnerships we have made and the unique skills we have brought together, to form a team that will benefit our clients even more.

Global Sourcing vs. Outsourcing 

Global Sourcing

Global sourcing is a multi-national team collaboration. This is when people from different areas of the world come together to form an equally beneficial partnership in order to provide the most for their clients. In our model, our US involvement eliminates some of the difficulties associated with outsourcing. We have taken down language barriers, increased communication, and are able to offer US quality software development, while our clients reap the benefits of lower costs. Our global partnerships have allowed us to multiply on our ideas, resources, and ability to reach clients in a simple and efficient way.


Let’s be honest: We have all experienced the difficulties of outsourcing. Language barriers, lack of communication, and poor quality of work seem like a high price to pay when it comes to cheaper labor. We often miss team collaborations, goods and services often flow only one way, and we settle for subpar work in exchange for lower production rates. Many of the great assets of outsourcing are left untouched because of these barriers. We wanted to find a way to offer our clients lower costs while maintaining a high standard of work. So, we developed a process that allows us to do just that.

Why we choose global sourcing…

Our cooperative allows goods and services to flow effortlessly overseas and between borders. This creates tremendous opportunities for quality and cost, allowing people on a global level to gain superior goods and services for a reasonable price. 

take a look at our partners and our process.