Dottie Bond

About Dottie Bond

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Dottie Bond is a photographer and travel writer who documents both the outdoors and cultures worldwide.  

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The Challenge

Dottie Bond was looking to rebrand her site, as well as implement changes based on a marketing audit she had conducted. When we started working with her, we were able to provide Dottie with a site that better reflected her new brand identity, as well as software solutions for the issues exposed by her audit.

Dottie Bond’s Website Homepage

The Results

  • Converted her shop fulfillment system - Dottie desired better fulfillment and fee structures for her eCommerce store. As such, we helped her make the switch from Printful to Smugmug, as well as better aligned the appearance of the store with her overall site.

  • Optimized site performance - A photography-heavy site, we were able implement changes to improve the site’s overall performance, such as increased loading speed.

  • Site redesign to reflect rebranding - To help her rebrand from “Nuanaarpuq” to “Dottie Bond,” we carried out several updates, including a domain migration, logo rebuild, and content corrections, among many others.

  • On-going support & maintenance - From keeping her site optimized for SEO-purposes to keeping everything up-to-date and running smoothly, we actively provide continued site support and maintenance.

Dottie Bond’s eCommerce Store

What Does Dottie Bond Have to Say?

I have nothing but great things to say about ClikGlobal! They make website development and renovation an absolute breeze. Despite my project being larger in scope than initially planned, ClikGlobal has handled everything I’ve thrown at them in a timely and efficient manner. Their communication is phenomenal.
— Dottie Bond

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