Why You Should Hire an Agency over a Freelance Developer

Every business owner hopes to save money, while increasing their bottom line. Although investing in better software for your business will most likely boost your bottom line, doing so often costs a pretty penny.

That’s when you might consider hiring a freelance developer. Freelance developers often come at a lower cost than an agency, and there’s typically a lot less commitment involved.

But does that make a freelance developer the better option?

While there are certainly benefits to hiring a freelance developer, hiring a software development agency will offer you so much more, and here’s why.

Collectively, an agency can offer more experience.  

Perhaps you’ve found a highly skilled freelance developer, and no doubt, there are some good ones out there. But even a well-rounded freelance developer, armed with much experience and an in-depth knowledge base, can’t possibly know everything.

Every developer is more skilled in certain areas over others, and that’s the beauty of hiring an agency: With multiple developers, there are more people who can bring something special to the table, creating one well-rounded team.

With an agency, there’s no one-man-show.

Freelance developers have a tough job: They have to wear the hat of a sales manager, project manager, software developer, and then some. Even if your freelance developer can quickly crank out code, running his one-man-show will most likely slow down your project.

When it comes to an agency, however, each team member plays a designated role. For instance, one person may be solely dedicated to acting as project manager, while a senior developer may be focused on overseeing the junior developers who are writing most of the code.

Divvying up roles amongst team members often reduces chaos and accelerates how quickly your project can be completed.

An agency is more likely to follow a set process.

With a freelance developer working alone, there’s most likely no accountability. As such, that developer can fall into a routine of doing things in a way that’s not necessarily as effective as it could be.

With an agency, however, it’s difficult to work well collectively without following a set process. With an organized approach in place, a team is not only in a better position to work together more smoothly, but complete your project more efficiently.

An agency has the capacity to handle larger projects.

The truth is: One person only has the capacity to do so much. That being said, a single freelance developer can most likely only handle projects of a certain size, and even if they are willing to take on a larger project, it will probably take them a lot longer.

But with an agency, different developers can work on different aspects of your project at the same time. Plus, it’s a lot less overwhelming to task a team with a large project than one person.

Hands of Team in a Teamwork Huddle

What can our agency do for you?    

In software development, teamwork plays a significant role in ensuring that your job gets done right and on time. In order to receive the final product you’ve been hoping for, you’ll need a hire a team that puts its best foot forward to ensure that your goals are realized.

ClikGlobal takes teamwork to the next level by bringing together U.S. and international team members. Our blended team allows us to provide you with high quality software and web development services at a lower rate, and we would love to offer our services to you.

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