Why You Need Offshore Software Developers with a Process

Whenever you hire a contract worker, it can be a bit of a gamble. Why? Because you’re never really sure how well the contractor will do the job. It’s often up to you to assess if your contractor will be a good fit for your needs.

If you’re looking to hire an offshore software development team, there’s one key attribute to look for: their process. Process can be defined as the series of step taken to accomplish a goal. More specifically, a software development team’s process is the culmination of steps taken to build your project.

A solid process gives the team a roadmap to move in the right direction, and at an adequate speed. But why is process especially invaluable when working with an offshore team? Let’s talk about it.

Process keeps your software developers on track.

A software development team needs to work collectively towards the final goal: your completed project. By following a predetermined process, each software developer should know their role in the project, what steps to take, and when each step should be taken.

However, it should come as no surprise that offshore teams are more likely to lack a process. Because of this, these teams have gained a reputation for frequently: 1) missing deadlines and 2) building sites that don’t meet client expectations.

Blended teams, on the other hand, are more likely to use a process. These teams often include a U.S. project manager who oversees the offshore team members. The project manager works to ensure that the offshore developers follow that process and complete your project as expected.

Software Developers Working on Projects

Process ensures you stay in the loop.

No one wants to invest several thousand dollars into software development, and then be left in the dark. Unfortunately, when a team lacks a process, they may not know when they’ll get what done.

This can be especially stressful when working with an offshore team because language barriers, time zones, and cultural differences are already there to create communication issues. So, why throw any other potential problems into that mix?

As noted, blended teams are more likely to follow a process, and as such, provide updates on your project. A team that already follows a process should have no problem sharing their schedule with you. That way, even if they are deep in the coding process, you’ll know what they are up to.

Offshore Software Developers Discussing Projects

Process builds your confidence in your team.

There’s a reason why production lines follow a specific process: Typically, that process is the most efficient, sensical way to get something done. This is true in many cases, and especially so in software development.

If your offshore team can’t offer you a process, you may feel unsure as to whether or not they’ll be able to complete your project. However, a team with a proven process, possibly a blended team, can put you at ease and make you feel certain that they can get the job done.

What does a solid process look like?

While there is no set process for how a team should approach software development, a team’s process should generally include four phases: 1) project estimation, 2) preparation, 3) development, and 4) finalization.

Don’t forget to ask your potential software development team to explain their process. That way, you can find out if that team really knows what they’re talking about!

At ClikGlobal, we value process. Process is essential to ensuring that our team of U.S and offshore team members work together effectively to offer the software and web development services your business needs. If you are looking for blended a team that follows a proven process, we’re ready to work with you!

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