Why You Need an Exclusive Team of Offshore Software Developers

There’s something ambiguous about hiring a team of offshore software developers. You may know what country they’re from, and maybe you’ve talked to their project manager if they have one. But there’s a strong chance you know little else about what goes on behind-the-scenes.

One of the most significant issues with handing your project over to an offshore team is that any number of developers, or teams, could be building it. This can create a wide variety of issues, from problems with consistency to the inability to easily retrieve progress updates.

If these concerns sound familiar, you may benefit from hiring an offshore software development company with an exclusive team, and here are just 4 reasons why.

1. Your project, your team.

Envision this: You’ve hired a team of offshore developers and told them what you need. When you ask about the progress of your project,  your project manager isn’t able to give you a straight answer. In fact, he’s not even sure who is working on your project at the moment. Why? Your project is currently being passed around between three different, unrelated teams.

But with a dedicated team, who is working on your project won’t be a mystery. Instead, one set group of developers will be working on your project. Not only will your project likely be completed in a more organized fashion, but your project manager will know who to communicate with to ensure that your project stays on track.  

Hands of Offshore Software Developer Typing and Pointing at Laptop

If you’re really in the market for exclusivity, you might consider hiring a dedicated developer. As an offshore developer, he or she can help you to complete your software or web development project at a more cost-effective rate. Plus, if you work with a team like ours, our U.S. project manager, as well as our supporting team members and processes, can provide you with the same quality assurance you’d receive with a team.

2. Know what to expect and when.

With all of the run around associated with not having an exclusive team, you might start wondering what the final outcome of your project will be. Especially with the few progress updates you’d likely be receiving, you may start wondering when your project will be ready.

Hiring an exclusive team can provide you with a better idea of what you’ll be receiving and when. Because your project manager  (if your team has one) will know who to communicate with, he’ll be more likely to find answers to your questions and communicate information about the status of your project to you.

It’s important to note, however, that for an exclusive team to be timely and communicative, you’ll also need a good project manager. By having a U.S. project manager, we can ensure that your project will get done right and right on time.

3. Consistent quality.

In addition, not knowing the status of your project, without an exclusive team, you may find yourself receiving development inconsistent in quality. More specifically, if your developers aren’t a part of one specific team, or agency, they may not follow a set software development process.

Offshore Software Developers Working Together on a Project

Think about it this way: Production lines are designed to follow a set, organized process that allows them to crank out virtually identical products. But if there were various types of product lines making one product? You’d end up with products, but they wouldn’t be consistent.

In the same way, if you work with an exclusive team that follows the same proven processes, you’ll know what to expect. With our team, in particular, our U.S. project manager works to ensure that our developers follow our proven processes, so that you can be confident that our team will produce consistent, timely results.

4. Long-lasting relationships.

Finally, many businesses hire offshore software developers to supplement an existing in-house team, which often calls for a long-term partnership between that business and its offshore team. But when your team isn’t exclusive, it can be difficult to develop a strong partnership with them.

Without an exclusive team, you can’t be entirely sure that all of the team players are on the same page. The good news is that, with an exclusive team, you can develop a trusting customer-supplier relationship based on the processes and project management they have in place.

With your exclusive team, every team member should be trained to follow the same processes, and likewise, your project manager should execute similar management processes over time. In this way, you can expect consistent, quality services from the team you partner with, even as it changes and grows in the years to come.

Where Can You Find an Exclusive Team?

ClikGlobal, a U.S.-managed offshore development team, consists of both U.S. and offshore team members. While a majority of our developers are overseas, we work exclusively with one team. Our offshore team members, however, are trained to follow our proven processes, which allows us to provide consistent and quality development to clients like you.

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