When You Should Consider Outsourcing Software Development

With technology becoming more and more prevalent in our lives, it’s almost a requirement that every successful business has a website, a mobile app, and often even custom software to supplement in-house processes. While acquiring your own web and software systems is almost inevitable, choosing the right team to build it for you presents an additional challenge.

These days, offshore software development is becoming the go-to option for developing your business’s software projects. In fact, the number of organizations outsourcing IT is the highest it’s been in the past five years (Computer Economics), with even smaller businesses now recognizing the benefits of taking their software development needs overseas.

Still not entirely sure if outsourcing is the right choice for you and your business? Here are just a few signs that outsourcing software development is the next logical step.

You need more time to focus more on in-house tasks.

So maybe your business needs a new website, or its project management system needs to be refined. Whatever web or software web system you need, you’re likely considering it because it will improve your business. What won’t improve your business, however, is your in-house team spending more time working on this software project than in-house tasks.

When time is a precious commodity for you and your team, you need to do what you can to protect it, and outsourcing your software project can help to eliminate the potential for distraction. With your offshore team is working away on your project, you can ensure that you and your team continue to make progress on in-house projects.  

You need someone else to manage the team for you.

Male Project Manager Organizing Sticky Notes in Front of Fellow Male Software Developer

If you need more time to manage your in-house tasks, the last thing you need is to be managing your offshore team. In year’s past, offshore teams gained a reputation for needing significant involvement from their clients to ensure they stayed on task and completed software projects, but the same is not true today.

Some teams still have room for growth in terms of project management, but many teams are making project managers a more significant part of their business model. Along with having a dedicated project manager, many offshore teams are now embracing agile processes, further streamlining their ability to work independently and give you time to work on your tasks.  

Note: Some teams take project management to another level by having U.S. project manager oversee your project for you. Find out more about what it looks like when a U.S. project manager is in the mix.

You’d like to build a long-term partnership.

In the past, if you wanted to develop a partnership with your software development team, it meant building an in-house software development team or partnering with a local team. Conversely, offshore teams were often viewed merely as suppliers, providing a client-supplier relationship over a partnership.

The good news is that if you need a software development team that you can partner with for the long-term, offshore teams are now a viable option. Many offshore teams now offer dedicated developers or teams that you can hire to provide you with on-going technical support.

This change is among many others happening in the outsourcing world. Learn more about this and other offshore software development trends making positives changes in outsourcing.

You want access to a larger pool of talent.

Two Women Looking at a Website on a Laptop

Since you’re here and looking into outsourcing as an option, you likely have already looked into hiring a local software development team. But if you don’t live in a coastal region, such as the Silicon Valley, there are likely few teams available in your area, and if they’re any good, they’re likely priced accordingly.

Rather than feeling limited to the over-priced software development team down the street, you can expand your options by hiring an offshore team. When you choose to look for an offshore software development company, your options for talent suddenly open up to anywhere in the globe—really, the possibilities are endless.

You need to cut costs where possible.

Of course, we weren’t going to leave this one out. As we mentioned, working with onshore teams is almost always more costly than hiring an offshore team. The extra dollars you’d spend on an onshore team might afford you a team in the same timezone, who can work a bit faster and offer a slightly higher quality final product, but is it worth it?

These days, offshore teams are really ramping up their game in terms of what they have to offer. With the need to outsource IT still on the rise, the competition between offshore teams is becoming greater, and as such, offshore teams are working harder to offer a wider skill set, improve their processes and more, while still providing their services at a lower price.

Bonus Points: You’d like to help someone else.

Maybe the last thing you thought about when looking for the right software development team was finding one that would allow you to give back. That said, when you choose an outsourcing partner to build your software, you are providing someone with an opportunity who may not otherwise have had one.

Simply stated, many offshore software developers live in third-world countries with few opportunities to work and grow in tech. But when you hire an offshore software development team, you employ someone in their field of choice. Find out more about how you can help others by hiring offshore software developers.


Outsourcing isn’t for everyone, but if you feel that any of the needs above align with yours, it may be a great option for you and your business. If you’re ready to get started, we’d like to note how important it is that you choose your team wisely, as no two software development teams are alike.

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