What to Look for in Offshore WordPress Developers

Now that your business has decided that WordPress is your content management system of choice, it’s time to hire a team. Perhaps to save some money, you’ve decided that it’s in your best interest to hire an offshore WordPress development company.

Hiring an offshore team, however, poses some risks, so it’s valuable to ensure that you ask the right questions when interviewing your potential team. That way, you’ll be able to hire a team of designers and developers that you feel confident will not only get the job done, but provide you with quality work.

Here are 5 questions to consider asking when interviewing your potential team of offshore WordPress developers.

1. How often does your team work with WordPress?

While the title “WordPress development agency” may insinuate that a team is highly familiar with WordPress, it’s valuable to investigate if they are actually familiar with the CMS, or if they are simply using the title as a marketing tool.

Most web developers primarily work with a specific CMS, and if they rarely work with your CMS of choice, they may not be the best fit for your project.

2. What code styles is your team familiar with?

Especially if you’re looking for a team to perform both back- and front-end web development for your new WordPress site, it’s valuable that your team has an in-depth understanding of the following coding styles:

Male Offshore WordPress Developer Writing Code
  • PHP

  • HTML / CSS

  • Java

  • JQuery

  • MySQL

During this discussion, you may also consider further investigating the team’s familiarity with WordPress core, themes, and plugins.

3. Can you tell me about your development process?

Once you know that your team has the necessary skills to build your site, it’s time to find out if they follow a set process. Ideally, a team should follow an organized step-by-step process to development that includes four phases:

  1. Project estimation

  2. Preparation

  3. Development

  4. Finalization

If your team lacks this process, it may be a red flag that they won’t take an organized approach to building your website, which can lead to missed deadlines and failed expectations.

4. What is your project management style like?

Code for a WordPress Website on a Desktop Screen

Another factor to consider when outsourcing your WordPress development is the style of project management your team implements. For example, does your team have a project manager? Or how many senior developers will be involved in the project?

Great project management is critical to ensuring that your team actually implements the process they claim to follow. Moreover, the involvement of a project manager often means there’s less involvement that’ll be required of you.

5. Can I see examples of your work with WordPress?

Finally, there’s nothing quite like seeing your potential team’s web development portfolio, as this confirms the skills they claimed to have when answering the prior questions. You can start by requesting examples with similar features to the website you’re looking to build.

If the team has examples that align with your needs, that’s great! If not, look for examples that demonstrate expertise in WordPress development. Examples that demonstrate a strong grasp of WordPress show that the team can most likely build anything the CMS allows.

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