Wait, Outsourcing Software Development Can be a Good Thing?!

Deciding what type of software development team you should hire can be a monumental task. Your business’ needs and budget, among other factors, are likely to play a significant role in deciding which team is right for you.

After taking some time to evaluate your options, you may have found that outsourcing may be the ideal choice, but the potential pitfalls of hiring an international development team, including cultural barriers to concerns about quality, may have you feeling a bit unsure about pursuing this option.     

If you’re still on the fence between whether or not to outsource, here are just 3 reasons hiring international developers will benefit your business.

Offshore teams are often more cost effective.  

Software Developer Talking with a Project Manager

There’s no question that one of the main reasons business owners elect to hire international developers is cost. International developers, especially those from developing countries, are known for having a much lower price tag than U.S. developers.

For example, most U.S. software developers cost around $150 to $250 per hour, while international software developers often cost a mere fraction of that, typically somewhere around $50, depending on the country of origin.

While hiring a U.S. developer can ensure that your project is completed quickly, and of the utmost quality, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for that guarantee. So, if sticking within your budget is a priority, hiring an international developer is generally the ideal choice.

Offshore teams can offer you more.

The more complex the software, the more complex development it will require and, mostly likely, the more funds. However, the money you’ll save with an international team may provide you with the funds needed to build your site just as you envisioned it.

By hiring international developers, you’ll most likely spend around 25% of what you’d spend on U.S. developers. In other words, those extra features you wanted? You may have the budget for them now.

Even if the savings don’t leave you with much extra cash, you should at least be able to build a strong foundation for the site you’ve been hoping for. Remember, you can always improve and expand upon your site in the future.

You can benefit others.

Offshore Software Development Team Looking at Laptop Screen

Did you know that hiring an international developer gives you the opportunity to help others? Not only can you save money, but you can positively contribute to the livelihood of those whom you employ.

Think about it this way: Many international developers are from developing countries. Unlike the U.S., very few of these countries have the economy, or the educational and training opportunities, for their citizens to pursue social mobility and improve their quality of life.

By hiring international developers, however, you can provide at least one person with a unique job opportunity, help them to receive technical training, and most likely, contribute to a hurting economy.

What’s better than a solely international team?

While there are benefits to hiring international developers, issues, like language barriers and time zone differences, can arise when no U.S. team members are involved. Blended teams, however, can help to mitigate these issues by bringing together U.S. and international team members.  

ClikGlobal is comprised of U.S. developers, a U.S. project manager, and international developers. This partnership allows us to offer quality software and web development for a reasonable price. Our top priority is to provide you with cost effective solutions and a positive customer experience.

Take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing, and drop us a line.