The Benefits of a U.S. Developer with an Offshore Software Development Team

Maybe it’s time for your company to upgrade its website, and you’ve started shopping around for a web development team to help. After getting a few estimates from U.S. developers, however, you’ve realized that an offshore software development team may be better for your budget. But, you’re also concerned that an offshore team may cost you quality and time.   

To save money, but still build a great site, a blended team of offshore and U.S. developers may be your best bet. Here are a just few of the benefits of bringing together a U.S. developer with an offshore team.

Receive the quality you deserve.

Hiring an offshore team usually means you’ll have to compromise on quality. Why? Language and cultural barriers are known to result in communication errors, which in turn, can cause the product to turn out a bit differently than you anticipated.

For example, Americans are known for their obsession with ‘perfection,’ and as such, expect their websites to exude perfection as well. However, an offshore team may not share this concern, as it has not been culturally ingrained in them. As a result, they may miss small details, like that a header should be evenly centered.  

That’s why you need a U.S. developer who can step in as needed. He can communicate with your offshore team about these concerns and how to address them. If necessary, he can even quickly eradicate the issues himself.

Find comfort in having hands-on help.

As noted, your offshore team may not always make the cut when it comes to the finer details. While this is most often caused by language or cultural barriers, it can also be due in part to the team’s level of education or training.  

Most offshore teams are from countries that offer very limited educational, or training, opportunities. In this way, they often build just enough of a skill set to build your website, but lack the in-depth knowledge base that your U.S. developer has.

A U.S. developer can help to diminish this gap by offering training opportunities. Even instances as simple as explaining an error made by the team, and how it can be fixed, can foster an offshore team’s ability to grow and more effectively pursue development.

Stop worrying about missing deadlines.

When comparing the offerings of an offshore team to that of a U.S. team, one of the most notable differences is speed. Offshore teams are known for being noticeably slower than those in the U.S. But for what reason?

As mentioned, a lack of training often reduces an offshore developer’s speed. For instance, an offshore developer may have only learned one way to perform a certain function, and while there may be other shortcuts available, he does not know how to do them.

A U.S. developer can help to address these discrepancies. For example, if the offshore team takes longer to perform a task than expected, the U.S. developer can offer insight on how to expedite the process and ensure deadlines are met.

Let someone else do the heavy-lifting.

Without a U.S. project manager or developer, you are on your own with overseeing your offshore team: You’ll have to put on the hat of ‘project manager’ and brave the problems presented by language barriers and time zone issues, all by yourself.

But even with a project manager on your side, who can oversee and review a majority of your project’s details, he may not have enough hands-on experience with web development to offer the team explanations for how to resolve certain issues.

A U.S. developer, particularly a senior U.S. developer, has the experience and knowledge necessary to identify, address, and discuss more in-depth web development issues that may arise.

Looking for the perfectly blended team?

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