How to Hire a WordPress Developer in 7 Easy Steps

You know you want your site to be on WordPress, and maybe you even have a plan in place for what you want your WordPress site to look like. The next challenge, however, is finding a WordPress developer who can build it for you, not to mention at an affordable rate and in a way that meets your expectations.

As WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market, you will quickly find that many web developers have hopped on the WordPress train. And just because there are many WordPress development teams out there, that doesn’t mean there are many good teams out there. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons an estimated 50% of IT projects fail (CIO).

Finding a great WordPress developer is key to ensuring that your software project is a success. To go about finding a WordPress developer the right way, here’s how to find a WordPress developer in 7 easy steps.

1. Search for your WordPress developer on a trusted site.

The first step in finding your WordPress developer is using the right tools to begin your search. While hopping on Google may provide you with thousands of results, you’ll likely not only feel overwhelmed, but struggle to verify if the WordPress development team you’re looking at is legitimate based on their website alone.

One great way to easily compare WordPress developers is by searching for them on a freelancing platform. Much like social media platforms, each WordPress developer must create their own profile on a freelancing site. These profiles help to level the playing field and prevent developers from misleading you with fake reviews or eye-catching web designs.

Several great freelancing sites to consider trying are:


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2. Take a look at their reviews and ratings.

Once you’ve found a site to start your search with, start searching for WordPress developers in your desired location and price range. (Note that most sites use keywords to organize their results, so search for terms related to what you’re looking for.) From there, you can start reviewing your potential WordPress developers’ or agencies’ profiles.

Not only can you compare their skillset and portfolios against each other, but you can review their ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews are typically provided by prior clients, and much like Yelp, for most of these sites, poor ratings can only be removed under certain circumstances.

3. View examples of (or request) past work.

The next thing you’ll want to review is their portfolio. Most freelancing sites have a dedicated section on each profile where users can display examples of their work. These examples are testaments to the WordPress developer’s skill set and should reinforce the skills they claim to have.

Rather than simply trusting their self-proclaimed title of “Expert WordPress Developer,” most freelancing sites also allow you to view how many hours they’ve worked, as well as their scores on tests that evaluate their skills in PHP and WordPress, among others.

Note: Keep in mind that your developers' examples and their number of hours worked are likely a better testament to their knowledge and skillset than simple tests on a freelancing site.

4. Discuss your project ideas & budget.

Once you’ve found a WordPress developer with the skill set you’re looking for, along with positive reviews and a portfolio to match, it’s time to start getting an idea of how much it’s going to cost to work with this them. While many WordPress freelancers have a standard hourly rate, most software projects need to be discussed before an estimate can be provided.


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5. Evaluate their level of communication.

One of the most critical aspects of ensuring that your WordPress site turns out exactly as you envisioned is clear communication. Communication is required for you to share your ideas with your developer, receive updates throughout development, and make necessary changes along the way.

When you first reach out to your potential WordPress developer, this is your opportunity to get an idea of how quickly they respond, as well as how well they seem to interpret your ideas. Moreover, consider the mediums they prefer to communicate with—generally, phone calls and video chats are going to be more successful than lengthy emails or instant messages.

6. Come to an agreement & sign the paperwork.

After discussing your project’s budget with your WordPress developer, you should have a fairly solid idea of whether or not he is going to be a good fit for the job. If you’d like to work with him on your project, you’ll want to ensure that you establish the project’s details and budget in writing, often in a document called a Statement of Work (SOW)—unwillingness to provide an SOW is a major red flag (if this occurs, return to Step 1).

With an SOW in hand, you may also want to ensure that you sign a non-disclosure agreement (often simply called an NDA). An NDA helps to ensure that your WordPress developer doesn’t share any information about your organization or its site with outside parties, which protects you and your organization’s personal information.

7. Start building your WordPress site!

With the appropriate paperwork signed, your WordPress developer can start working on your project. Once your WordPress site has launched, you may also want to ask your WordPress developer to perform on-going maintenance on your site to keep it in tip-top working condition.


Hire an Affordable WordPress Developer Today!

Hopefully, this post has provided you with a better idea of how to go about hiring a WordPress developer who can successfully bring your project to life. While this blog post could certainly be the beginning of your hiring journey, you could always end it right now by working with us.

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