Here’s Why You Need to Talk to Your Software Developer on the Phone

So, you’re looking for a software development team, and you’ve found that every team wants you to call them before you can receive any information. They even tell you that a call is required before they can provide you with a ballpark estimate. You’ve concluded that this is a scam designed to make a sale, and you don’t have time to waste, so you choose not to bother.

We know where you’re coming from, but here’s the truth: The first phone call with a representative of your team is critical, and here’s why.

You’re making an investment, and whether you’re chatting directly with your software developer or a project manager, this call gives you the chance to find out if the team you’ve found is right for the job. In fact, hiring a team without talking to one of their representatives isn’t much different than going on a blind date, so why take the risk?

That said, let’s dive into these 5 reasons why you need to talk to your software developer on the phone today. 

1. Provide insight into your vision.

We understand: You want a price tag on your project, so you can quickly decide if your team is one you can even work with. However, when it comes to custom software development, each project is unique to each organization. This makes it very difficult to put a price tag on a project without discussing the details first. 

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Think about it this way: Your software project is very similar to building a house. When you build a house, your contractor will need to review the plans for the architecture, partner with subcontractors, and order the required materials. This doesn’t even include the time he’ll need for project management, balancing the books, communicating with you (the client), and so much more. 

Keeping with this analogy, your software developer (or project manager, depending on the team) has to account for about just as many moving parts. He too will have to plan out the architecture, develop a timeline, delegate tasks, among many other things. That said, talking with your developer on the phone is necessary to provide him the details needed to create and provide you with an estimate.

2. Discuss your business and budget goals.

One of the project managers on our team likes to describe software development as a “journey.” That’s because, in most cases, building a custom software product is a long-term commitment. In fact, it’s a common misconception that building software is a one-and-done deal.

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Contrary to popular belief, a custom software development project will require development long after it goes live, often referred to as on-going support and maintenance. In this way, we often compare custom software to a car. It’s going to require gas to continue running, the occasional recall or part replacement, along with other standard maintenance, such as the regular oil change. In other words, you and your software developer will benefit from preparing for the future and understanding how this software project fits into your long-term business and budget goals. 

While we can’t speak for every software development team, our team wants to discuss your long-term goals over the phone, so they can provide honest recommendations for how you can acquire the right software for your needs. Not only that, but this helps to ensure you will receive a software product that works well on the day it goes live and in the years to come.

3. Share your anticipated timeline.

The next thing your software developer will need to consider is what timeline you expect to see your software project completed by. Your deadline is important to you, and your software developer knows that, but he will also have to consider how your project fits into his schedule.

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It can be easy to forget that most software development teams are balancing multiple projects at once, many of which are scheduled out months in advance. As such, your software developer will need to verify how (and if) he can deliver your project by your anticipated deadline. Moreover, if you have a software emergency, he’ll have to consider if he can shift around his existing projects.

As noted, most software developers want what’s best for you. As much as this phone call is an interview from your side, your software developer is often interviewing you as well. The phone call provides the opportunity to both parties to determine if they are a good fit for working together based on timelines, or otherwise. 

4. Determine how to maximize your budget.

Once your software developer has a better idea of exactly what your envision entails, how that vision fits into your goals, and when you need it by, he’ll have to run the numbers. Calling back to that contractor analogy, your software developer will need to take all of the information you’ve provided and figure out how he can give the most to you.

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Figuring out how to maximize your software project often involves identifying your minimum viable product, or MVP. Your MVP can be defined as the bare bones of what you need for your software project to function as it should. If you haven’t thought through your MVP yet, talking about it with your software developer over the phone can certainly help.

Especially if you’re new to building custom software projects, your software developer can provide offer you guidance based on his or her experience as to what is (or is not) necessary for the first version of your site or other software. If you’d like to prepare a bit more before making that call, take a look at 7 Things to Consider Before Starting Software Development.

5. Identify the next steps. 

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Now that you have a ballpark estimate in your hands, the ball is back in your court. It’s time for you to decide if you’d like to continue moving forward with this developer and his team. This leads us to the final, and possibly greatest, benefit of the phone call: Having the opportunity to essentially interview your potential team!

In past blog posts, like this one on What to Look for in Offshore WordPress Developers, we’ve talked about some of the things you should consider as you search your software development team. Some things to consider include:

  • How well does he communicate? 

  • What is his development process like?

  • What is your project management style?

Are You Ready to Chat with Your Software Developer? 

Now that you know a few of the reasons why you need to talk to your software developer, we hope you feel a bit more comfortable with the idea of hopping on the phone. We can’t guarantee that your software developer won’t just turn it into a sales call, but we can guarantee how our team will handle a call with you.

At ClikGlobal, we value putting our clients first. Our project manager would be happy to discuss the details of your project, and if during that call, you realize that our team isn’t a good fit, that’s okay. We’ll be here if you decide to work with us.

For an honest discussion on how we can help, contact us today.