9 Reasons You Should Outsource WordPress Development

You’ve decided that it’s time to get your hands on custom WordPress development—that’s great! But now that you’ve started looking into hiring a WordPress development agency, you may be realizing that getting your hands on a great team for a great price may be a bit more difficult than you initially anticipated.

That’s why you might want to outsource WordPress development.

In general, offshore software development is a more cost-effective option for meeting your web development needs. Plus, more and more WordPress development agencies are popping up overseas, giving you a wider pool of WordPress development talent to pull from than ever before.

Here are just 9 reasons you should outsource WordPress development.

1. Get more for less.

If you’ve come this far, you already know that outsourcing your WordPress development is going to cost you less than hiring an onshore WordPress development team. On an hourly basis, you’ll generally spend a mere 25% of what you’d spent per hour on a US-only development team, for instance.

When spending a mere fraction of the cost for your development services, you’ll likely be able to receive more for your money than you were initially expecting. As such, those features that you thought you may have to live without may now be within reach.

2. Receive expert help with WordPress.

While you may have an in-house web developer or an IT support team, they may not necessarily be all that familiar with WordPress. In this way, developing and maintaining your WordPress development may take longer, and result in more errors, than necessary.

Many offshore web development teams, on the other hand, specialize in offering WordPress development services. By working with WordPress on the regular, these offshore teams know the in’s and outs of WordPress, making it easy for them to create your ideal website in no time.

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3. Better development due to competition.

With WordPress on your mind, you likely already know that this platform is the most popular CMS on the Internet, and only continuing to grow in popularity. With so many sites powered by WordPress, it should come as no surprise that there is a rising number of WordPress developers out there, which is to your benefit.

With an increase in WordPress developers, there is also greater competition between the teams offering these services. As such, most WordPress development teams are working harder than ever to provide higher quality services and better customer service.

4. Services beyond WordPress development.

With WordPress development teams working harder to set themselves apart, many offshore teams are also putting in the extra effort to provide a wider range of services. For instance, not only can you receive web development, but there may also be a team of graphics and UI/UX designers available to meet your web design needs.

In addition to receiving further help with building your WordPress site,  your WordPress development team may also offer additional software development services to further supplement your business’s needs, such as mobile app development.

5. The ability to handle large projects.

When your website contains a significant amount of content, for instance, it may be larger in scope than what your local freelance WordPress developer, or even your in-house team, can handle. Even if they claim they can handle it, with fewer people on board, it may take them longer than you’d like for them to complete your project.

This is just one more area where outsourcing WordPress development can be beneficial. Not only can you receive a wider range of talent, but agencies can grant you access to larger teams and for a lower cost. If their team isn’t large enough to meet your project’s needs, they often are able to connect with other agencies or easily scale their teams to meet your needs—bottom line: they can handle it.

6. On-going maintenance & support.

Your WordPress site is just like a car—it’s going to require on-going maintenance and repairs (or rather, bug fixes). You may also realize that certain updates need to be made to your site from the backend to ensure that it continues meeting the needs of your users and your staff.

If you have an in-house team, they may not be familiar enough with WordPress to carry out the appropriate updates and bug fixes. And even with a WordPress web developer in-house, they may not have the time to work on these tasks. Your offshore team, however, is available to help as needed, and often for a lower cost than your in-house team, anyhow.

7. The potential for a long-term partnership.

For many years, outsourcing was thought of as a one-time-only deal. For example, you might hire an offshore software development team to build your WordPress site, and once your software project is completed, your interaction with your offshore team would come to end almost as quickly as it started.

One of the more recent trends in offshore software development, however, is an improved client-supplier relationship. Rather than the supplier (your offshore team) simply providing the client (you) with a website, more offshore teams are adopting an agile method and collaborating with their clients throughout the development process. This develops a stronger relationship between both parties and a stronger foundation for future partnership.

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8. Quality assurance.

With offshore WordPress development teams now striving to develop long-term partnerships with their clients, along with the aforementioned increase in competition, offshore teams now must work harder to leave a good impression on their clients. As such, more teams are focusing on providing quality results through quality assurance.

Many teams now have a dedicated QA (quality assurance) specialist, or a project manager, to verify that the final software product was completed as expected. That way, the website you’ll receive will appear and function as you envisioned and, hopefully, continue working with that team in the future.

9. The opportunity to sit back & relax.

When you choose to have your in-house team build your site, you most certainly will have to be heavily involved in overseeing the development of your WordPress site. Even when you hire a local onshore team, there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll expect to interact with you more frequently, and maybe even in-person, throughout the development process.

When you outsource WordPress development, however, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to sit back and relax. Especially if your team values project management, or has a project manager on board, there’ll be someone else to oversee your project for you. As such, you can feel confident that your site is in progress, even when you’re not speaking directly with your offshore team.

How Can You Start to Outsourcing WordPress Development?

Now that you know the benefits of outsourcing your WordPress development, you might decide that it’s the best option for your organization to pursue. If that be the case, it’s time to go about finding your offshore WordPress development team.

From searching on Google to listing your project on a freelance platform, there are several approaches you can take to finding the right WordPress development team for your project—we even wrote a blog on How to Hire a WordPress Developer in 7 Easy Steps. In any case, you’ll need to ensure that the team you choose doesn’t just come at a great price but provides the quality you deserve.

At ClikGlobal, we’ve developed a process that allows us to provide you with quality WordPress development at a low cost to you. By bringing together U.S. and offshore software developers, we’re able to ensure that your project meets our high standards before you receive it.

Ready to outsource WordPress development with us? Contact us now.