7 Benefits of Using Agile Offshore Development

In software development, there are several development methodologies teams use to guide their processes in order to accomplish the most possible, and in the best way possible. For many years, waterfall, a sequential approach to development, was seemingly the most popular method, but more recently, the agile method has been taking center stage.

Agile software development revolves around short sprints that regularly produce functioning products and call for client feedback on said product. This methodology hinges on the Agile Manifesto—12 guiding principles that direct the agile team’s processes in a way that encourages collaboration; regular product delivery and reflection; and finally, customer satisfaction.

The agile method works particularly well with offshore teams, as it encourages regular communication between the client and supplier to a quicker product delivery. In the following, we’ll breakdown 7 benefits of using agile offshore development for your next software project.

1. Consistent production of deliverables.

What sets agile development apart from other methodologies, namely the waterfall method, is the fact that agile developers regularly deliver working software, as opposed to building the software in phases from the ground up.

As a matter of fact, the Agile Manifesto calls for developers to measure their progress based on working software. Rather than wait to see your project until near the end of development, the agile method allows you to see your project come to life throughout the development process.

2. A team focused on collaboration.

Regularly providing clients with working software requires teamwork, and based on the agile principles, teams should collaborate on a day-to-day basis to ensure that steps are being taken to achieve these interval-based goals—and yes, even remote teams can make this happen.  

In our case, our project managers communicate with our offshore developers on the daily through online discussion boards and chats. To carry out more in-depth conversations, they also hold weekly conference calls. This ensures that your software development project continues moving forward as it should.

3. Regular updates on your software project.

Female and Male Offshore Software Developers Sitting in a Meeting

As noted, with an agile team, your project manager and developers will be working together on your project throughout the development process. With them regularly producing deliverables and your project manager always in the loop, you should regularly receive updates on what’s being built.

Customer satisfaction is the most important agile principle, and one way this is done is by providing updates and working software at regular intervals to their clients. As such, our project manager works to regularly send deliverables and communicate with clients like you—together, you can ensure that your product meets your expectations along the way.

4. The ability to easily implement changes.

Making your software development vision become a reality will certainly require communication, and perhaps some trial and error, to ensure that your product is exactly as you expected. Thankfully, the agile method makes room for changes to be implemented more easily.

One of the agile principles dictates that you, as the client, should be able to make changes as needed, as to ensure that the product you receive will offer a competitive advantage. Thanks to sprints, timed iterations of development, agile teams can accommodate change.

Changes, of course, may be limited by if you selected an hourly or fixed bid contract, as fixed bid contracts can be more restrictive. However, our team is happy to do what we can to make changes to your project as needed.

5. A team always striving for excellence.

Female Offshore Software Developer Showing Her Agile Team Tasks on a Whiteboard

The agile principles emphasize that all parties involved should strive for sustainable development, namely by maintaining a sustained pace of development throughout the project. However, to ensure that the team remains on pace, regular reflection is required.

In order to continue remaining productive and achieving excellence, a team must regularly review the work they’ve done and how they’ve done it. By developing the software in sprints, your team can perform reviews in intervals and regularly find ways to become better at what they do.

6. Acquire a quality product.

By consistently striving to become a better team, your team is constantly improving their ability to create your software project. Not only will they be able to build your project more quickly as they optimize their processes, but the agile principles also encourage giving greater autonomy to the most motivated individuals.

By rewarding productive team members with more freedom, team members are more likely to strive for higher productivity and better results. In turn, this boosts the team’s likelihood of providing technical excellence and good design, another valuable agile principle.

7. The delivery of customer satisfaction.

As the client, the greatest benefit you’ll receive from working with an agile team is higher satisfaction. As mentioned, of the agile principles, providing clients with a satisfactory experience is arguably the most important, and the primary way this is provided is through collaboration between you and your agile team.

With the aforementioned concepts in mind, the agile method is designed to put you, the client, back into the driver’s seat. Your agile team wants you to take the steering wheel, so that you can verify (throughout the development process) that you’re receiving the product you ordered.


These are just 7 of the benefits you’ll likely receive by working with an offshore agile team, but we’d like to think that you’ll receive many more along the way. That’s probably why more and more teams are making the shift to the agile method, with over half (67%) of software development teams “pure agile” or “leaning toward agile” methods (TechBeacon).

With this in mind, our team falls more into the “leaning toward agile” category, as our specific processes take more of a scrum approach. Scrum is an agile method that brings together sashimi workflow processes (a more sequential, waterfall-like approach) with other agile characteristics.

Bottom line: At ClikGlobal, we value using process to give the most to you. By bringing together U.S. project managers and senior developers with offshore developers, we can offer you affordable software development.  

To start building your agile project today, drop us a line.