5 Reasons to Outsource Web Design (Why It's a Big Win)

Whether your business’s website needs a fresh look, or you’re building a new site altogether, web design is what leaves the first impression on your consumers, and that first impression matters. In fact, 48% of people identified web design as the #1 factor in determining a business’s credibility (Blue Corona).

More importantly, people develop opinions on a website based on design very quickly. Research has found that people form an opinion on a website in just 50 milliseconds (or 0.05 seconds) (Taylor & Francis Online). Sadly, when people don’t like what they see, they leave: 38% of people will abandon a site that’s unattractive (Adobe).

Unfortunately, acquiring good web design can be a costly venture, which is why choosing to outsource web design is a great option for getting the design you want, while reducing some costs. If you’re not fully sold on the idea, here are just 5 reasons why outsourcing web design is a big win.

1. Save yourself some money.

Okay, we already said it, but outsourcing web design can save you thousands of dollars. To put this in perspective, a U.S.-based graphic designer will charge around $500 for a simple brochure, and that’s just a piece of paper!

For web design, most U.S. graphic designers charge a minimum of $1,000 to well over $10,000, and that doesn’t cover any of the back-end development that your website also needs. Instead, consider outsourcing for a mere fraction of the cost, which will leave you with a larger budget for the back-end work.

2. Receive a greater breadth of talent.

Photo credit: Campaign Creators

Photo credit: Campaign Creators

In the U.S., many graphic designers choose to work as freelancers rather than with an agency. In fact, in 2016, 1 in 5 U.S. graphic designers were self-employed (Bureau of Labor and Statistics). That being said, if you are considering hiring a web designer in the U.S., you will likely hire a freelancer.

While hiring a freelancer has its share of benefits, it’s often better to hire an agency over a freelancer. For instance, if you outsource your project to a web development company, you can often hire an entire team for the cost of one U.S. graphic designer. With a team of UI/UX designers and graphic designers working on your project, each team member can contribute to the areas where they are most skilled—they’re also be better equipped to handle larger projects.

3. Have more than web designers on hand.

Yet another issue that you may face when working with a freelance web designer is that they’re the only man (or woman) on their team. That means if your project requires more than just design and front-end development, your designer may not have the know-how to address such issues.

With an agency, on the other hand, you’ll have more than one talented UI/UX and graphic designer on hand. Moreover, you’ll also have talented web developers, project managers, and more available to jump in on your project as needed. As such, you’ll have a full team on your side, ready to address any issues that may arise.

4. Save time on project management.

As noted, if you choose to hire U.S. web designer, you will likely be hiring a freelancer. If you weren’t convinced by the last two points that hiring an agency is better, consider this: When you hire a freelancer, there’s a higher likelihood that you’ll be more involved in the process of designing your project.

Photo credit: Campaign Creators

Photo credit: Campaign Creators

While greater involvement in the creation of your project could seem like a good thing, remember that it could pull you away from your work. Rather than playing project manager, hire a team of offshore web designers with a U.S. project manager. That way, he can manage your project, while you continue to manage your business.

Note: Not all offshore teams have a U.S. project manager—this is just one of the great assets of working with us.

5. Relax.

While working with a U.S. web design team may seem more convenient, it could also be more stressful. Between the extra costs and what limitations that can present, you could find yourself making unnecessary compromises and with a final product that doesn’t align with your vision.

When hiring an offshore web design team, however, your team will work through the night (a benefit of outsourcing), so you can wake up each morning to more of your web design project complete. Plus, if you have a U.S. project manager, he can handle any issues that arise, so you don’t have to.

Bottom line: When you outsource your web design, you can take a deep breath, let your team do the work, and watch your vision come to life.  

Where Can You Outsource Web Development & Design?

At ClikGlobal, we bring together U.S. and offshore team members to provide businesses like yours with affordable web development and design.

Our team consists of UI/UX and graphic designers who will ensure that your audience loves what they see at first glance. In addition, our back-end developers will work with our designers to bridge the gap between the technical needs of your site and your vision.

To learn more about our web design services, drop us a line.

Special thanks to Campaign Creators for letting us use their images.