4 Reasons You Need a Project Manager for Offshore Software Developers

If you’ve ever tried cutting costs when building a website, there’s a strong chance you’ve tried working with an offshore software development team. While they may cost extraordinarily less than U.S. developers, working with offshore teams often comes along with another set of issues, from language barriers to the inability to produce a quality product.

In most cases, however, a majority of these problems can be resolved with a U.S. project manager. Here are four reasons a U.S. project manager makes working with offshore developers more feasible than ever.

1. No more language barriers.

Picture this: You call your developer in India, and one of the only times he speaks English is when he’s on the phone with you. This makes communicating your ideas about your website to him challenging, and you become worried about the future of your project.

If you’ve worked offshore developers, this scenario probably sounds familiar. You know how much effort can be expended by both parties to understand one another, and as a result, you waste a lot of time and money, and miss a few deadlines.

That’s why you need a project manager: He’s already built a strong line of communication with his offshore developers. You can discuss project details with him, and he can easily pass them on for you. Have any questions or concerns? Just give him a call.

2. Say goodbye to time zone issues.

There’s a reason they say long distance relationships don’t work: time zones. When working with a developer who’s on the other side of the globe, chances are that your schedule will be a lot different from his.

Most offshore teams are roughly half a day ahead of the U.S.: A Ukrainian team is 8 hours ahead of U.S. CST, while an Afghani team is 9.5 hours ahead and an Indian team is 10.5 hours ahead! Basically, when most Americans stroll into work, most offshore developers have already left the office.

In contrast, a project manager follows a schedule tailored to the needs of his offshore developers. To overcome time zone differences, he can makes those early morning, or late night, phone calls. That way, you don’t have to.

3. The project is managed for you.

It’s in the name: project manager. He makes your life a little bit easier by removing the burden of overseeing your project and the team working on it. As a result, you’ll have more time to work on your own projects, as well as keep more money in your pocket. Here’s why.

If you are not well-versed in web development, it may be difficult to know what to request from your developers, or in what order. In this way, along with the language barriers and time zone differences, the lack of a proper process can further disrupt your project’s progress.

Your project manager, on the other hand, knows the web development process inside and out. With his developers, he can create a Statement of Work and plan the architecture, and you’ll still be in the loop on what’s happening with your project.

4. Saving money won’t mean losing quality.

A limited budget doesn’t mean you should be stuck with a lower quality product. Unfortunately, when hiring an offshore team, this is often the case. But why?

As noted, problems with communication often arise when working with offshore teams, which lead to confusion and wasted time. But wasted time still costs money, and instead of spending more time to improve the product, many simply accept the lower quality product.

Rather than foregoing quality, you can elect to go with the option that offers the best of both worlds: An offshore team with a U.S. project manager may cost a little more than a purely offshore team, but you’ll receive a quality product.

In fact, the project manager can provide quality assurance by reviewing the product, before you ever lay eyes on it.

For those looking to save money, working with offshore developers is still an option. However, working directly with offshore developers yourself can present a plethora of challenges, so why not hire a team that provides you with a middleman, a U.S. project manager?

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