3 Ways You Help Others by Hiring Offshore Software Developers

In the U.S., society tends to push products “Made in the U.S.A.” However, there’s more than one reason why outsourcing became popular in terms of production. While many companies choose to use global outsourcing to ‘save money,’ hiring an offshore software development team can also benefit those employed as a result.

The people who live in developing countries are often deprived of the training and job opportunities that many Americans take for granted. Through the global sourcing of software developers, we give individuals with lesser means the opportunity to learn and advance in the world.

Here are just three ways you help others by hiring offshore software developers.

1. Give someone a unique job opportunity.

As noted, many offshore developers are from second or third-world countries, and the average income for the people living in these countries is shockingly low compared to that of most Americans. In fact, 1 in 10 people in the world survive on under $1.90 a day.

One example of a country with a predominantly low standard of living is Brazil. While its top 1% consists of some of the wealthiest people in the world, the average monthly salary for a Brazilian is $678.90, while the poorest workers make a mere $77.80 per month.

By hiring a Brazilian developer, you’ll give that person an employment opportunity that is a step-up from what is available to them, and as such, you’ll give that person the opportunity to acquire a better standard of living.

2. Help someone to receive technical training.

While even the United States consistently fights illiteracy, over 99% of American adults are literate. Conversely, the second and third-world countries many developers live in have nowhere near the same statistics to show and a lack of educational opportunities to improve their numbers.  

For example, a large number of offshore developers are from India, which has the highest number of illiterate people in the world. Time cited 37% (287 million) of Indian citizens as illiterate, a mark of the lack of educational opportunities available for many of these people.

Teams that blend U.S. and offshore software developers often provide developers from countries, like India, with the opportunity to grow and learn through technical training. This training allows many offshore developers to move up in the workplace and improve their quality of life.

3. Contribute to a hurting economy.

In the U.S., many of us can recall how significantly Americans were impacted by the Great Recession (2007-2009). However, even this major economic crisis hardly compares to economic downturns presented by the countries some offshore developers live in.

Afghanistan, for example, is infamous for being a war zone, riddled with political and civil unrest. One effect of these factors is a struggling economy, with unemployment rates as high as 40% and a majority of Afghans living well-below the poverty line.

Hiring an Afghani developer gives you the chance to aid in rebuilding a hurting economy. By providing someone with a job, you will not only help to reduce a remarkably high unemployment rate, but also help to improve the community in which that person lives.

Ready to help others?

If you’re looking to hire a software and web development team, and you want to save some money, consider hiring a team with offshore developers. Not only will you be able to keep some money in your pocket, but you’ll have the chance to help someone around the globe.

At ClikGlobal, we take pride in working with PomTech ICT Solutions, a growing development business in Afghanistan that employs both men and women in the tech industry. These developers work with a U.S. project manager and U.S. developers to make quality software accessible to you.

To start working with our blended team, drop us a line.